An Illustration of Failure

These pictures of Israeli girls writing messages on Lebanon-bound bombs show a massive failure.

Failure on the part of parents, largely. But also failure to understand the inherent danger of lazy collectivism, of "'us' versus 'them'" mentality. Individuals do not belong to groups... we all live, breathe, dream, hope, suffer, despair, and die... alone. As individuals.

Does this represent childlike "innocence"? At 10-to-12 years old (as I would guess their age), I imagine these girls know what these bombs will do, probably to other children. To families who believe they have as much right to live as anyone else. Pattern of the day: slip on blindfold, slaughter... suffer retribution... rinse... repeat.

What insanity! If one cannot learn the imperative undeniable importance of teaching respect for the individual, and to dissociate from blind collectivism, one almost deserves what will befall. But this education goes untaught, for the most part. I guess some find it easier to label, than to discriminate and judge on individual case-by-case basis. And thus, the cycle continues, with nothing changing.

No lessons learned, just more destruction. And impotent rage at the irrationality of this world, of this life. No wonder some seek escape in an afterlife, and in instruction from "on high". Anything to erase the madness outside one's window, hmmm? The madness in one's own home!

I behold a horrible failure.

[First two images taken from the AP. Third (showing Lebanese victim of Israel's airstrike on Sunday) from Reuters.]